The Word

Why are you moving the library?

The current library is not fit for purpose. The Word, the National Centre for the Written Word will become a new cultural venue of regional and national significance as well as home to North East Writers. The building will also re-house the Library, creating a 21st century facility. This will attract visitors from South Shields and the wider North East, acting as a catalyst for economic growth.

The prominence of the new location, with the river on one side and Market Place on the other provides the central location and setting the new building deserves.

Will I need to re-join the library?

The Libraries team will be working hard to ensure there is little or no disruption to library users.

Why is the building circular?

The building was chosen from an architectural design competition and it met the Council’s requirements for design quality and sustainability for a Library.

Will it cost anything to enter and use the Word?

Public access to the building will be free.

When will The Word be open?

Construction of The Word and building improvements to the Market Place began in Spring 2015. The aim is to have The Word open to the public in late 2016 along with a completed and improved Market Place.


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