Future Phases

The South Shields 365 master plan demonstrates improvements that will be made to the retail and leisure provision throughout South Shields Town Centre.

The plan and schedule for how this will be achieved will be revealed in phases, for which further public consultations will be held.

In the next 3 to 5 years we will:

  • Create new opportunities for the development of new national and independent retail and leisure uses within the Town Centre
  • Make South Shields a more accessible Town with the new transport interchange, a fully enclosed bus and Metro station with enhanced entrance on Fowler Street, opening in the summer of 2019.
  • Connect the Town with links between character areas, of the Riverside, Town Centre and the Foreshore
  • Improved vehicle access through a new traffic management plan and re-direction of bus routes with improved service on Coronation Street
  • Enhance the Public realm in the Town, with traffic calming measures on Keppel Street and Waterloo Square enabling pedestrian friendly routes. Chapter Row and Church Way to become pedestrianised areas, all providing better links to King Street
  • Develop the retail and leisure offer in the Town with new retail provision on Barrington Street linking with King Street
  • Create opportunities to attract a quality hotel with conferencing facilities and associated food and drink to the Town Centre
  • Create opportunities for new housing
  • Increase the visitor offer at the Foreshore by enhancing and expanding the facilities
  • Improve the overnight accommodation offer for both leisure and business visitors
  • Market our offer/assets and quality of place to the wider world

In the next 10 years we will have:

  • A connected Town Centre and a sustainable local economy
  • Created a place of unrivalled quality in terms of its buildings, public realm and open spaces
  • Expanded the Town Centre shopping offer and attracted key national and appropriate niche and independent retailers
  • Developed a cultural programme of activities and events throughout the year which reinforce the identity of South Shields and attract increased visitor numbers
  • Expanded the visitor season and attracted more visitors from further afield who stay for longer
  • Developed an evening economy which is underpinned by being family friendly and of a high quality which meets the needs of all our residents and visitors
  • Attracted new residents to live in the town through new housing opportunities

In 20 years time we will be:

  • An attractive and vibrant town, recognised nationally as a place where people will choose to live, do business, visit and spend their holiday time
  • A place where the quality of life and place will attract investment and which has a range of services and activities which are second to none